Pedron Coffee

The Pedron coffee roaster was founded in Padova in 2004 built upon twenty years dedicated experience of Massimo Pedron, its creator and founder.

Daily dedication to our work and the constant search for the best raw materials are fundamental components in the creation of our select blends.

The blends:

Pedron coffee blends are characterized by the use of the most precious origins of raw coffee (green beans), coming from the most renowned counties of coffee culture.

We import the coffee with the best characteristics for our processing within the company, fully respecting the natural environment.

Tradition and Innovation:

Pedron Coffee wants to represent the ideal point of conjunction between innovation and the ancient Italian artisan know-how in selecting, blending and roasting of fine coffee.

Constantly updated on the dynamics of the international markets and new consumer trends.  Also   on new methodologies for the extraction of the roasted coffee we seek innovation to faithfully maintain our traditions.

Each cup of Pedron espresso coffee embraces our aim to satisfy all those who love fine coffee in its purest form.