Coffee Pedron: raw material

Fine blends of Pedron coffee are born from the selection of the best plantations coming from three different continents.

Our coffee comes from Brazil, India, El Salvador, Colombia and Ethiopia and are carefully selected to ensure the best quality of raw material.

We use only ripe drupes harvested by hand, from plants cultivated in the shade at an altitude   between 1100 and 2000 meters.

We are convinced that there is no quality without quality control, for this we select the best raw materials and pay attention to each stage of the production process, from importing to roasting.

We deliver with utmost care our roasted coffee, by providing packaging designed to protect it from external contamination during its journey to the ship.

To produce the best italian espresso, we build a direct relationship with the producers in order to personalize the best lots purchased and minimize defects with manual selection or optical dichromatic selection.

Each batch of coffee purchased is tasted during the phase of pre shipment and again upon arrival  to confirm its quality.

For each Italian espresso coffee bearing the Pedron name, we constantly pay full attention, care, dedication and attentive control.