Pedron: coffee roasting:

Once imported the green coffee beans, the process of roasting it develops its aromatic potential. Unlike many others, our coffee undergoes a cycle of slow roasting of 16 minutes.

The color that is obtained is that “legendary Friar’s frock” where the aromas preserve, the body is exalted, while bitterness never prevails.

Reached the ldesired level of roasting, one proceeds to the cooling stage.

Under no circumstances do we add water to cool the roasted coffee; the thermal shock derived from steam causes fractures in the beans that result in a loss of aromatic substances.

All our roasting process is aimed to respect the times of coffee.

After roasting the coffee must rest for at least seven days inside our storage silos where thanks to a process of gaseous exchanges, it reaches the correct aromatic peak.   At the end of this rest period it is then packaged within the most modern installations and passed onto the sales network.

We believe that coffee maintains all its organoleptic characteristics intact for a maximum of 60 days.  So for this we produce, carefully taking account of our current needs, but without creating unnecessary stocks.

We pay the greatest attention to every step of this process, in order to offer the client only the best product that nature offers.